Baltic herring fact

Below you'll find fun facts about the Baltic herring.
Did you know that...

  • The Baltic Herrings´ name in Swedish is "strömming". But a lot of people are confused about if the Baltic Herrings name in Swedish is "strömming" or "sill". The thing is that the "sill" is bigger and fatter that the "strömming". The whole thing is also about where the fish is located. It is probably why we in English call Strömming the Baltic Herring and "sill" the Atlantic Herring. It is easier that way. Here you can read more about the difference.
  • The baltic herring is in latin Clupea harengus membras
  • The biggest Baltic Herring that has been captured in Finland were caught near Porrkala and weighed 1056 grams.
  • You can make a lot of good food of the Baltic herring. Here is a few recipies.